BASUG University: Created and Thriving.

Establishment of a State University

Bauchi State University Gadau was established in 2011 but took up in January 2012, as a multi-campus University with 3 campuses, namely; Misau, Bauchi (Yuli) and Gadau (main campus). The University took up full academic activities in the 2011/2012 academic session. Later on another campus (Jama’are) came board to house Faulty of Agriculture but was recently taken over by the Federal College of Education, and the faculty is has now been moved to the main campus. The University has had two Vice Chancellors (Prof Ezeldeen Abdulrahman and Prof Auwal Uba) and an interim administration before the appointment of the Current Vice Chancellor  (Prof Fatimah Tahir).

Administration Block

The Gadau Main campus also houses the central administration (offices of the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy-Vice Chancellors, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian, Director Physical Planning and Development and Chief Security Officer).

The office of the Dean of Student Affairs is also located in Gadau, main Campus.

Faculties, Campuses and Programmes

Each of the campus is housing one or more faculties as highlighted below:

Gadau Main Campus: Housing six (6) faculties;

  1. Agriculture (initially located at Jama’are but relocated to Gadau because of the establishment of Federal College of Education on the same campus at Jama’re). .
  2. Arts
  3. Basic Medical Sciences
  4. Education
  5. Pharmaceutical Sciences and;
  6. Science

Bauchi (Yuli) Campus: Housing two (2) faculties;

  1. Management Sciences and;
  2. Social Sciences.

Misau Campus: Housing Law

  1. Law


The major challenge of the University is funding. Grant normally  received from the State and Local Governments is grossly in adequate.


  1. Center for Research and Innovation (CERI)
  2. Center for Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition
  3. Directorate of Basic and Remedial studies
  4. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Center for Peace and Security Studies.
  5. Center for Law and Religion.
  6. Staff school (approved but yet to commence).
  7. Directorate of ICT
  8. Northeast Development Commission skills acquisition center located at the faculty of science building (renovated and equipped by the northeast development commission).
  9. Directorate of General Studies
  10. Directorate of SIWES
  11. Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance
  12. Directorate of Physical Planning and Development
  13. Directorate Sports.
  14. Directorate of Medical Services.
  15. Directorate of Human Resources and Career Development
  16. Directorate Works.
  17. Directorate Student Affairs.
  18. Directorate Legal Services.


  1. Audit Unit
  2. Procurement Unit
  3. Information and Protocol Unit
  4. Security Unit
  5. Registry
    1. Establishment.
    2. Academic Affairs
  6. Bursary Unit.
  7. Library Unit.